Business Acknowledgement Letter Samples

An acknowledgment letter is a formal business letter confirming receipt of documents, goods, or services. In situations where there was a meeting or a phone conversation, an acknowledgment letter confirms points of discussion and any future actions that were agreed upon. Basically, it is a professional letter of receipt. It can be used to confirm receipt of the job application file, a resignation letter, or receipt of goods or document-business acknowledgment letter.

This business letter should be short and mainly serve the purpose to confirm receipt of goods or documents. In general, an acknowledgment should have the following key areas:

  • Recipient’s address.
  • Date when the letter was sent.
  • The subject should clearly state the goods or documents that were received and state in which they were received. Also indicate the exact date when the goods were received.
  • Finally, inform the recipient on the agreed actions such as payment, job interview date among others.
  • Close by using proper formal greetings.

Acknowledgement Letter Template

[Sender’s address]
[Recipient’s address]

Dear [Recipient’s surname],

I acknowledge receipt of £23,475, received on [date]; being payment for a house you bought from [Recipient company]. Please find attached a statement from [recipient bank name] reflecting the amount you transferred.

We will consider your request to pay the balance of £34,475 in three monthly installments starting from January, 2019. The initial agreement was for you to start paying the balance on October, 2018. You will get feedback within 7 working days on whether this has been approved by the board or not.

[Sender’s name]
[Company name]

Sample Acknowledgement Letter

James Ford,
754 Parkways,

21 August, 2018

Dennis Young,
Human Resource Director,
Trademark Solutions,
5th Avenue,

Dear Mr Dennis Young,

This is to acknowledge that I received a job termination letter from Trademark Solutions on 19 August, 2018. I fully agree with the reasons for the termination as stated in the letter but I do not accept the termination.

I would like to appeal the termination based on the fact that my performance for Q1 and Q2 was affected by personal issue I had explained to my then direct manager, Mr John Bells. I followed the procedure as clearly stated in the Organization’s SOPs. I would like to schedule a meeting with you to have more discussion about this.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
James Ford,
Production Manager,
Trademark Solutions.