How to write a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper Sample/Format

Letter to the Editor of a newspaper, giving views about the misuse of advertising.


The Editor-in-Chief
The Daily Times
New Delhi-ll0002


Sub: Misuse of Adveritising

I would like to express my views about the misuse of advertising gimmicks by media and business firms. I hope that you would be able to give them space in the columns of your esteemed daily.

Private firms use print media and cable TV to promote themselves in an obscene manner. They use ill-clad women and almost naked men for promoting consumer products in commercial advertisements. Cable TV transmissions are full of such advertisements, which are more lewd and enticing and less dedicated to the products, which they wish to promote. This affects our youth and young minds in an adverse manner. They deviate from their normal paths and go mad for their sensual pleasures.

I would request such advertisers and firms to refrain from misusing women in their promotional campaigns and to give correct information about products and services in their advertisements.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

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