How to write a letter to a friend describing the degraded environment

A letter to a friend describing the degraded environment


My dear Atul,
Hello! How are you?
I received your letter yesterday. I was worried about your health. You had written to me about the rising pollution levels in Kanpur, which had affected your lungs.

In Delhi also, the environment has been degraded. There is pollution of air, water and food in the city. Factories and vehicles are generating maximum pollution in the air. As a result, we are becoming victims of lung diseases, asthma, eye problems and shortage of vital oxygen. I am also feeling headache almost everyday. Further, water supplied to our homes is mixed with dangerous chemicals. We consume this water and fall sick due to diseases like amaebiosis, viral fever and jaundice. Water is polluted in the overhead tanks, rivers and underground sources.

Further, lack of vegetation in the city has affected us all. The levels of poisonous gases have risen whereas oxygen is short in supply. And there are high levels of noise pollution as well. The vehicles and factories are generating unbearable noises, which affect our minds and health. This degradation in environment is not being checked, though the government has taken several measures to control pollution.

I await more details about the environmental scenario of Kanpur from your end.

Yours Loving Friend,

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