Letter To A High Government Official Asking For An Interview

Write a letter to a high government official asking for an interview.

16, Patel Road,
New Delhi.
June 12, 20………….

The Director of All-India Radio,
New Delhi.

I have just returned from a tour of America and Europe during which I had the rare privilege of visiting the various radio stations in those countries and studying at close hand the most salient features of their radio programmes which are for more appealing and satisfying to the modem taste than those which are daily broadcast from the All-India Radio Station, Delhi and the other radio stations in the country I would like to acquaint you with the various important features which, if incorporated in our radio programmes, will not only lead to national regeneration of our country but also make the radio, ‘listening in” more pleasurable.

I should be obliged if you please spare me some rime on any day convenient to you when I could meet you and discuss with you the whole thing.

Awaiting an early reply.
I remain
Yours Faithfully
PK. Chatteijee
Social Welfare Officer

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