8 Best Free Small Business Productivity Apps 2023

Improving productivity for a brand in the digital era is all about automation. The evolving technologies have paved for productivity software way that optimizes processes by streamlining goals and helping make businesses more efficient. Gone are the days when follow-up and project management were performed manually using excel sheets. Today sophisticated software is entrusted to do all the heavy lifting and streamline work goals so that team members can focus on the productive part and contribute towards the overall development and ROI. 

Incorporating efficient productivity software in your business workflow can not only help you meet deadlines but also enhance productivity and save time. Numerous productivity applications in the market can help you automate your repetitive task and manage projects. We have shortlisted the best free software that maximizes business productivity without costing you a single penny. But before figuring out the best software to fulfill your business requirements, let’s understand the importance of productivity apps for business.


What Are Productive Apps Used For?

Productivity apps are designed to help businesses or individuals streamline their work processes and increase efficiency. They can help users manage their time, schedule tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members. Productivity software can be particularly useful for businesses that need to manage large volumes of data or complex projects, as it can provide a central location for storing and organizing information, as well as tools for analyzing and presenting data clearly and concisely.

Productivity apps help businesses save time and money by automating specific tasks and decreasing the dependency on manual data entry or other repetitive tasks. Productivity apps can help businesses increase their productivity and competitiveness by allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively.


Benefits Of Using Productivity Apps

  • Improved time management: Productivity apps can help users manage their time more effectively by providing tools for scheduling tasks, setting reminders, and tracking progress.
  • Increased efficiency: Productivity apps for work can automate specific tasks and streamline workflows, helping users work more efficiently and get more done in less time.
  • Better organization: Productivity software can provide a central location for storing and organizing information, making it easier for users to find what they need when they need it.
  • Enhanced collaboration: They include features for sharing documents and collaborating with team members in real time, making it easier for teams to collaborate and work for enhanced output.
  • Greater flexibility: Productivity apps can be accessed from any device located anywhere with just an internet connection and login credentials. It makes work easier for users as they can work anywhere and anytime.
  • Cost savings: Productivity apps for businesses can help save money by reducing the need for paper and other office supplies, as well as by automating specific tasks that would otherwise be done manually.


Top 8 Free Productivity Apps For Work That Maximize Business Productivity

Monday – A New Way Of Working


Monday is one of the best project management tools with a customizable interface and features such as task tracking, resource management, and integrations with other tools. You can create projects and organize tasks into lists or boards view. It allows you to use tags and filters to categorize and prioritize tasks. It also includes team communication features, such as a newsfeed for updates and comments.

The powerful tool improves project management, collaboration, and team performance. The mobile app version allows you to access and edit to keep you updated while away from the desktop. The real-time collaboration tool harmoniously integrates with numerous third-party applications such as google calendar, Trello, Slack, etc. Try it for free and experience the management app and its beneficial features.


  • Allows users to create custom views of projects and tasks for a quick overview
  • It allows you to create tasks, set deadlines, and monitor team members’ progress
  •  Real-time interaction with team members through chat and video conference calls


  • Inbox spam with multiple marketing emails 
  • Challenging interface
  • Lack of time tracking feature


Price: It is free for up to 2 members. The premium version can cost anywhere between $8-$16, based on your requirements. 

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Dubb Grow Your Business By 30-300 Percent By Better Marketing Automation & Video Messaging


The sales operating platform helps you streamline sales and create compelling video messages, video emails, SMS, campaign, workflow, etc. It is popularly used for its video creation, editing, and marketing features. The platform has a mobile app version that encompasses various powerful tools that help automate various repetitive tasks regularly. The platform allows you to add team members and collaborate to create and run a successful marketing campaign.

Dubb integrates well with the most popular productivity apps for businesses like Slack, Trello, Do list, etc. The platform allows you to record videos with multiple frames and teleprompter features to ensure an enriching digital experience. Try Dubb for free and leverage the power of video texting and marketing to match your business needs.


  • Allows you to share videos on various digital platforms
  • Track video performance and get valuable insight
  • Team members can access the shared library to collaborate and enhance their creative output.


  • Customer Support


Price: Free Plans For Single Users. They offer two premium plans: PRO for $40 per month & PRO PLUS for $99 per month. 

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Asana – Helps You Focus On What’s Important



It is one of the leading productivity apps for work that allow businesses to streamline projects and tasks in a user-friendly manner. Project management enables employees to complete business operations on a given timeline. The visually engaging application has multiple features that make team collaboration and work tracking extremely convenient. 

The free software version is ideal for a small team of 15 members. All you need to do is signup or create an account, add your team members, and start creating projects. The software allows you to create numerous small tasks within a project that can be assigned to specific team members or teams. However, the free version has a few sets of limitations. Try Asana for free and utilize the power of productivity apps for your business. 


  • Provides different dashboard views such as list, board, timeline, calendar, etc. 
  • The premium version enables performance analysis of team members.
  • The paid plan encompasses automated workflow to avoid repetitive tasks such as follow-ups, updation requests, deadline alerts, and much more. 
  • Allows users to stay up to date with organizational goals and everyday tasks, and team progress.


  • Complicated interface for non-technical users 
  • It might be a mismatch for small businesses or simpler projects


Price: It has a free basic plan with limited features. The premium plan is priced at $10.99 per month, while the enterprise or business version will cost you $24.99 per month.

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Slack – Make work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. 



Slack is one of the most efficient applications known for its ability to facilitate internal communications. The platform lets you create channels for specific topics, projects, or departments that eliminate the need for email communication with team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. The free plan works well for a small team and allows users to have one-on-one video calls. 


The premium version offers unlimited calls, third-party application integration, large teams, group video or audio calls, and video clips to enrich communication. It allows smooth function with third-party apps to promote automation of tasks, enhances business systems, optimizes sales, and reduces time friction. Try Slack, one of the best productivity apps, accessible on their official website. 


  • Allows private communication with team members.
  • Attach documents within the communication
  • Conveniently integrates other productivity-enhancing tools.


  • Unorganized messages 
  • Limited customization
  • expensive

Price: It has a free basic plan with limited features. The paid versions range start from $8. 75 and increase according to your requirements. 

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Clickup – One App To Replace Them All



The project management tool helps organize teams, assign work and track their work all on the same dashboard. The project management app offers various features such as team collaboration, automated alerts, tracking progress, etc. The customizable features have inbuilt formats such as Gantt charts and kanban boards that enable the prioritization of tasks and boost productivity and efficiency. 

The software includes various communication tools that allow team members to collaborate, communicate and work in real time. The cloud-based tools can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the right credentials. It enables users to create a customized workspace with personalized tags and workflows to match specific needs. Click up is one of the best productivity apps for Windows, free here.


  • Users can customize the dashboard to suit their needs
  • Integrates with other productivity apps for work to deliver an enhanced experience.
  • Includes chat and video conferencing features


  • Difficult to understand the hierarchy
  • Glitches in the Android app 


Price: It has a free version that’s excellent for individual users. The paid version ranges from $5 – $ 19 for the business version. An enterprise version price is available upon request.

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Hubspot – Powerful, Not Overpowering



The amazing software has an extensive range of productive features and tools that allow you to manage and pipeline tasks; sales funnel, contacts, email marketing, and much more. The mobile app version is far more sophisticated, with many tools within a single app. All the features are aimed at maximizing productivity. 

The free version gives you access to amazing features such as a built-in card reader that automatically reads the information in business cards rather than feeding information manually. The software enables you to set up meetings and takes away the tedious task of sending email invites or intimations regarding dates and times manually. Try this productivity app for work free of cost and optimize the work process in your business.


  • An excellent option for creating sales funnels and networking campaigns.
  • It helps streamline the team’s productivity 
  • Effortlessly set up virtual meetings


  • Limited reporting features
  • Expensive 
  • Hard to modify templates 

Price: They have plans ranging from $45 to $3600 monthly, depending on your requirements. 

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Notion – All In One Productivity tool



The customizable workspace encompasses a versatile toolset that helps users manage their tasks, notes, database, and information in one space. It has a wide range of features that helps you streamline your work goals and stay on the timeline to ensure you tick the right boxes. In addition to formatting tools, the software also includes various collaborative tools for team management.

One of the unique features of the notion is that it allows users to create customized pages that include varied forms of information such as notes, files, documents, wikis, or databases. The application allows you to arrange them into tree structure formation for easy access. Hence users can create personalized systems to manage different projects or tasks on different pages. It also includes various formatting and styling options for pages. Try the productivity app for small businesses and organize your projects for free here. 


  • Helps organize and structure content 
  • Integrates well with numerous third-party tools to enable easy access to notes and pages
  • It helps users stay organized and meet work deadlines efficiently 


  • Lack of public API
  • Formatting is trickier

Price: Free version is available with limited features. The paid plans range from $4 to $8, while the price for the enterprise version is available on request.

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Jira – Stay Aligned & Build Better Together



Jira is popularly used by various organizations and teams to manage projects and tasks daily. It enables users to create issues or bug reports for work and assign them to team members. You can also add priority status and due date to the issue. The assigned member can resolve and intimate the team on the software platform itself.

The project management software includes various planning, scheduling, collaboration, and communication tools. Users can track milestones, create roadmaps, visualize progress, leave feedback, and a lot more that enable efficient collaboration of team members and facilitate productivity. Try the free version of Slack here and utilize the efficacy and accuracy of the highly productive app at work. 


  • Primarily used to plan, track and release software projects.
  • Built-in chat and messaging feature enables internal communication
  • Feature-rich software integrates with various applications


  • Complicated to set up 
  • Difficult to manage the interface 
  • No built-in timeline feature
  • No collaboration feature to interact with teammates 

Price: The free plan can include up to 10 users. The paid versions range from $7.75 to $15.25. While the enterprise version is available on request. 

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Bottom Line 

Productivity apps for small businesses can be a valuable asset to boost their return on investment (ROI). These apps can help employees work more efficiently while increasing productivity and profitability significantly. They encompass excellent project management tools that allow teams to collaborate on projects, track team members’ progress, and assign tasks effortlessly. This can help ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Various applications also allow users to report a bug or required amendments or changes to be made in tasks along with the deadline.

These productivity apps for small businesses allow team members to organize and prioritize their tasks by setting deadlines and tracking progress. This can help increase productivity by making it easier to focus on the most critical tasks and avoid distractions. The time-tracking feature allows employees to track their time on different tasks and projects. This can help businesses identify areas where they are losing time and make changes to increase efficiency. Investing in the best productivity apps can help businesses save time and resources, leading to increased profitability and a higher ROI.