Write a letter to your friend describing how you spent your holidays

How to write a letter to your friend describing how you spent your holidays.

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Dear Raj,

I haven’t heard anything from you since we met last. I hope you and your family are well. How did you spend your holidays?
This time, Radha and I spent our holidays in a village. It was quite a pleasant experience. Our grand-parents live there. They had insisted on our staying with them during this vacation. They had sent our uncle to fetch us.

Our grand-parents were very happy to have us with them. They always tried to feed us with delicious rural preparations and cheer us in every possible way. It is a quiet village surrounded on all sides with abundance of natural and scenic beauty. There are open fields and green hills. We found ourselves in the lap of nature. We used to play and wonder about all day in the village and its green fields with our cousins.

Everything about the village in fresh and fragrant. We could breathe in fresh air in the village, which is quite a rare thing in and around the city. There is a large village pond and daily we enjoyed a mid-day swim in it. We were very sad when our holidays ended.
Life in a village is very simple but sweet. I am so much impressed by it that I have decided to take up a job that would enable me to work in a village.

I expect an early reply from you.

Your sincere friend,

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