How to write a letter to a Publication

Write a letter to a Publication telling them that the book you ordered has arrived but fourteen pages are missing from it and to replace the book.

39, Marina Garden,
Rampur Bagh,
4th October, 2002

M/s. A B Z Publication
Bara Bazar, Mumbai.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Complaint against a defective book.

I am in receipt of the parcel against my order of dated 18th December, 2OXX. I am sorry to inform you that 14 pages (from 99 to 112) are missing from it. Instead it contains another fourteen pages of some other book.

You are therefore, requested to replace the book at your earliest. I am returning the book therewith. These check the new book before dispatching it.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully

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