Business Cover Letter Samples

A cover letter is an introduction document to the employer which summarizes key points in the resume. It illustrates how applicants’ skills and experience relate to the job they are applying for. It is supposed to create the first impression and to demonstrate the applicant’s communication skills to the employer.

A well-written and formatted cover letter are therefore as important as its content. A cover letter should have the Sender and Recipient’s address, date, body, and proper formal closing. The applicant should state the position they are applying for, why they are best suited for the position, and finally how they will follow up.


Cover Letter Template

[Sender’s address]
[Recipient’s address]

Dear, [surname of the recipient]

I am interested in the position of [position] that you advertised in the [source of the advert].

I am self-driven, very organized and motivated professional. I have 4 years experience as [your current qualification]. I worked for [Company A] for 1 Year as a first line manager, then moved to [Company B] as a Second line manager, the position I have been holding for the last 3 years.

I am comfortable with various aspects of [position you are applying for] including concepts such as [list concepts that specifically relate to the position]. I have vast understanding of these concepts and skills which are very instrumental in delivering on the advertised position.

I have a BSc [your qualification], with a background in [other qualifications] hence fully qualified for this position.

In addition to this, I possess excellent communication and presentation skills. My good interpersonal skills will enable me build a very cohesive team where employees will discuss their concerns freely. I believe I will bring a lot of value to this role.

Also, attached is my resume. I look forward to having an opportunity for a face to face interview.

[First name, last name]



Sample Resume Cover Letter

Michael Fine
67 Jacksonville Street,
Jacksonville, FL 00567

21 August, 2018

John Brake,
Jacksonville Elementary School,
Gates Street,
Jacksonville, FL 87506

Dear Mr Brake,

I am interested in the position of a science teacher that you recently advertised in the Daily Post. I am an accomplished secondary school teacher with a strong background in skills development and communications skills.

I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Education, Science degree and I have 3 years of teaching in both urban and rural schools. I am currently pursuing Masters Degree in education administration. My teaching experience and my passion to engage communities in rural setting make me an ideal teacher for your school.

I am currently teaching science in Florida Rural School and I am also the representative of education coordination committee from my school. I am keen on integrating classroom work with community service projects which presents me with a great opportunity to utilize this strength as teacher in your school.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Michael Fine