Common International Shipping Terms & Phrases, A-Z of Logistics Glossary

Common International Shipping Terms

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A/M, U/M – Recognised abbreviation in routine communications for “above-mentioned” and “Under-mentioned”.

Bulk Cargo – this means that the goods do not require packing, such cargoes are usually coal, timber, oil, wheat, etc.

“By first…opportunity” – this is an expression used in shipping and means the first opportunity to ship the goods by a suitable vessel.

Commence loading – loading dates are given by ship-owners so that the cargo can be assembled at the docks in good time.

Closes for cargo – a date is also given when the ship-owners will.

Document of title – a document that represents the goods or money and gives the right or title to the goods or money.

Duty – the tax levied on the import of goods.

Drawback – on allowance granted by the customs on re-export of goods on which duty was paid on import.

Delivery Order – a document from the owner, or holder, of the goods requesting the release of goods held under warrant.

Dues – charges made by part authorities: dock dues; port dues.

Dock warrant, warehouse warrant – these are receipts issued for cargo deposited at dock warehouse.

Entry – a word used by the customs, referring to the particulars entered in a book; can be either entry in or entry out.

Fixture – particularly used in connection with chartering.

Freight – cost of transport.

Group age Rates – small consignments are sometimes, “grouped” together in one bill of lading; this is usually done by forwarding agents.

In accordance with. ..Articles – this refers to the regulations laid down by different countries concerning the crews of their ship.

Mate – the first officer of a ship, next in rank to the Master or Captain.

Parcel – in commercial language this does not always mean goods wrapped up in paper but indicates one particular “lot”.

Per 20 cwt or 40 Cubic Feet At Steamer’s Option – the ship owners can choose whether to charge freight on the weight or measurement; 40 Cubic Feet is taken as equivalent to 20 cwt.

Routing Order – instructions concerning the “route” by which the consignment is to be sent.

Sleepers – the supports for railway lines, placed at regular intervals at right angles to the rails.

Trampship – this is a vessel that does not operate on a fixed route as a “liner” does.

Turn round – as applied to a ship is the unloading, reloading and carrying out of the necessary formalities before the ship can sail again.

Tally – the record or list of cargo loaded or discharged; it is checked by a tally clerk, therefore, to tally means to be correct.

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