How to Write a Letter to Ask a Girl for a Date Sample and Format

Writing to ask a girl for a date

Dear Jimmy,
I shall be home in Portsend over the weekend of 12-14 June and wonder if you would like to go to the theature with me on the Saturday evening. The Repertory Theature is putting on Private Lives and I’m sure it will be worth seeing.

It begins at 7.30 pm so, if you are fee, perhaps I could pick you up at 6 pm and we could have a bite to eat first.

All the best,

Accepting a date

Dear Tom,
What a lovely ideal, I’m really pleased that you thought of me and I shall took forward to seeing you.

I’ve promised to help a friend with a children’s party in the afternoon, So 6 pm might be cutting it a bit fine. Could you make it 7 pm instead and then come back here for a snack supper after the show? Let me know if the idea appeals.

All the Best


Dear Tom,

It was very nice of you to think of me but I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept your invitation to the theature, as I have already promised to spend that weekend with friends.

I hope you enjoy your visit home.

All the Best

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