Letter To The Local Transport Authority To Provide Bus Service

Write a letter to the local transport authority to provide bus service from stand to your area.

185, Ajanta Colony,
18th August, 200X

The Manager,
Transport Company,

May I have the honour to draw your kind attention towards the pathetic condition of the school going students who live at Ajanta Colony and other distant localities and study in different schools and colleges in the various parts of the city.

The State Government has authorized A.B.C. Transport Company to play the buses in different corners of the city. Ohe buses are quite unfit. The seats are without cushions windows lock panes. Frequently, they need to the pushed for a start. Again one can daily see the quarrels and disturbances on the roads in between the students and the bus operators. The worst sufferers are the girl students. The conductors use abusive language.

Keeping in view these problem it is requested that corporation buses may be started from this area to various colleges and institutions to avoid any mishappening. I hope that the authorities will realize this difficulty and do the needful.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Kamal Kumar

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