Quit-Quarter Notice – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Quit-Quarter Notice

Mrs. Chetan Goyal,
Gole Market,

Dear Sir,
According to the arrangement between you and me dated April 16, 200X, you had agreed to vacate my premises at 33, Linlithgow Street, Delhi on one month’s notice. As I want to take possession of the said flat for my personal use, may I, therefore, request you to vacate it on or before December 1, 200X.

Thanking You for the trouble.

Yours Faithfully
PK. Nain

Reply to above

Dr. Mr. PK. Nain,
I regret to inform you that I cannot vacate your house on or before December 1, 200X, as desired by you, because alternative accommodation is not available elsewhere. My tenancy is governed by the Delhi Rent Act, according to which you cannot ask me to vacate the house while rent is being paid regularly to you. Moreover I have given you no reason for offence and I think I have been a very good tenant, not even asking you for repairs or white-washing.

Please withdraw your notice.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Chetan Goyal

Reply to above

Dear Mr. Chetan Goyal,
I should not have asked you to vacate my house, because I do realize that you have been a model tenant, but, as already written to you, the said premises are required for use by my own family, as my elder son is now married and is anxious to live separately.

Keeping in view any difficulties, may I hope you will comply with my request.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
P K. Nain

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