Reasons for refusing repairs – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Reasons for refusing repairs

Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that it is quite impossible to think of any repairs to the premises occupied by you in the near future.

During the last two years the major part of the rent has been eaten up by repairs and renovations of one kind or the other so much so that the properly has been a great drain on my sources of revenue and income.

While I do not wish to be unreasonable, I am forced to refuse your request.

Yours Faithfully
Ashok Mehra

Reply to above

Dear Mr. Ashok Mehra,
Some repairs and whitewashing to the building are so urgently needed that these cannot wait till you have earned enough money by way of rent to be spent on repairs.

Kindly, give the matter hard thinking. Do not kill the hen that lays golden eggs for you.

Yours Faithfully
Sumesh Nain

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