Refusal to reduce rent – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Refusal to reduce rent

Dear Sir,
I am surprised to note that you are persistently asking for reduction in rent as also for renovations and repairs. I regret to say that neither of the two demands is possible of fulfillment in the near future.

Your rent was fixed when houses were many and tenants few. Since then you know everything has gone up-wages, prices, or expenses on building material etc. but I am charging you the same rent as you paid ten years back.

Therefore, I request you to undertake all the repairs yourself. Also think in terms of increasing the rent in according with the rise in the cost of building material.

Yours Faithfully

Reply to above

Dear Sir,
I will not ask you again to reduce rent although you charged me a high rent at the very start of my tenancy At that time I did not mind it because of my flourishing business which has since met with an adverse fate.

Yet I must insist on urgent repairs, I will withhold payment of rent till you have made the building worthy of human habitation and commensurate with the rent you are charging.

Yours Faithfully

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