Rejecting unsatisfactory mail order goods – Complaint Letter Sample & Format

Complaint Letter Sample & Format – Rejecting unsatisfactory mail order goods

Dear Sir,
On 1.6 March I took delivery of a Grill-it-Good Barbecue, ordered through your newspaper advertisement and priced at £ 18.75. On assembling the barbecue, I found that it was impossible to screw in the legs securely.

In addition, the whole barbecue is extremely flimsy and I could buy a similar item more cheaply in local shops. I therefore, reject the barbecue as unsatisfactory and wish to claim full refund, as promised in your advert. Please tell me if you wish me to return it to you (in which case I shall expect a refund of carriage charges) or if you will collect it.

Yours Faithfully
Nick Pareira

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