Requesting early settlement of Annual Accounts – Banking Letter Writing Samples/Format

Requesting early settlement of Annual Accounts

Dear Sir,
We shall feel greatly obliged if you please send us your cheque for the balance of payments outstanding from the last year.
As our balance sheets are drawn during the first week of January every year, delay in receiving payment from you would prevent us from closing our account books.
A duplicate invoice is enclosed herewith for early action.

Yours Faithfully
Rajat Jam

Reply to above

Dear Mr. Rajat Jain,
Please find herewith a cheque for Rs. 687.75 in full and final payment of your last year account.
Inconvenience to you is regretted.

Yours Faithfully
Sunil Verma

Another Reply

Dear Rajat Jam,
Some error were detected by your accountant who called for payment last week and so he took away the bill for readjustment which seems to have been again neglected in the duplicate invoice sent by you.
Kindly send a proper invoice for settling the account.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully .
Sunil Verma

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