Write an Application for Apply for Tutorship – Sample and Format

Application for Tutorship Sample

Dear Sir,
With due respect I beg to apply for tutorship of your children with reference to your advertisement in the Tribune of today.

I am a student of B Corn (Final) and have always had a brilliant academic career right from ABC to B. Com. standing first or second in the class

As I am feeling financial stringency and my parents are no longer capable of supporting me at college, the tutorship advertised by you can be of real help to me in my difficulties.

If you be so kind as to grant me this little job, it will be the beginning of our mutual contact which I am sure will be beneficial to both of us.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,
Sameer Kapoor

Reply to above: Positive

Dear Mr. Sameer Kapoor,
We are ready to give you a week’s trial. If your work is found satisfactory we shall confirm you in the job, otherwise you will be paid for your labour.

When will you start?

Yours Faithfully
Karan Verma

Reply to above: Negative

Dear Mr. Sameer Kapoor,
We are sorry to inform you that we are only interested in a lady teacher who can act as a governess of our children and you will not be able to fit our household.

Thanking you all the same,

Yours Faithfully,
Karan Verma

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