Write a letter to the Chairman requesting him to start

Write a letter to the Chairman, UPSRTC requesting him to start a ‘students special’ from your place.

156, Kiran Kuteer
15th July, 200X

The Chairman
Baduan Depot

Sub: Request for starting a “Students Special”.

I wish to draw your kind attention towards the difficulties faced by the students who live at panvari and remote areas and travel to pursue high studies.

You know that there is no ‘Students Special’ bus from this area to Degree Colleges. The students have to travel either by noisy and jerky local buses or by their own vehicles. In the morning and evening these are packed to the suffocation. Most often, the students have to stand on the footpaths. It is not safe at all. This results in the wastage of money, life and time. When they reach the institutions they become fully exhausted.

Under the circumstances, it is requested that a few buses may be started into ‘Students Special’. This will facilitate all.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
J.S. Mittal

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