32 Most Commonly Used Foreign Words and Phrases in English

Foreign Words Common Used in English

lingua francaA common language
ad hocFor the purpose
vizsee above, below, namely
ad valoremAccording to value
vice versaOpposite
aproposTo the point
via mediaA middle course
bona fideGenuine; in good faith
de factoIn reality; in point of fact
ultra viresBeyond one’s powers
eliteThe choice part
sub judiceUnder consideration of Judiciary
en blocAs a whole
status quoAs it is, unchanged
en routeOn way to
sine dieWithout any definite date
en masseIn a body
pro-rataIn proportion
exitThe way to go out
prima fadeOn the face of it
ex-officioBy virtue of one’s office
percentPer hundred
ex-parteOne sided
per diemPer day
fait accompliAn established fact
per capitaper head
par excellenceBy way of special eminence
in cameraIn secret
male fideIn bad faith
modus operandiWay of doing a thing

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