Application for a permit of sugar to the District Supply Officer

Write an application to the district supply officer of your district requesting him for the issue of a permit of sugar for the marriage of your sister.

The District Supply Officer

Subject: Application for a permit of sugar.

The marriage of my sister is to be solemnized on the 12th of November 2OXX at my residence. I am in need of one quintal of sugar for this purpose.

I am a holder of Ration Card bearing Number 725326 which is registered at Serial No. 148/804767 in Sale and Supply Register of M/s. ABC Fair Price Shop Number 65 Kamala Saudagar, Bareilly.

I therefore, request you to kindly issue me a permit for one quintal of sugar.

An invitation card is enclosed herewith in support of my statement. I shall feel highly obliged to you for this kind favour.

Enclosure – One Invitation Card
Dt. 25/02/Xx
Yours Faithfully
C/o. Vineet Kumar Singh
Kamala Saudagar

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