Business Complaint Letter Samples

A complaint letter is a formal business letter to a business describing a negative experience you had and seeking reedier action. This type of business letter should be clear, short, and to the point, and should be relatively formal. Although complaint letters are negative in tone, they should not be overly emotional or aggressive.

Complaint Letter Template

Dear [insert addressee name here]:

I am writing to file a formal complaint against [insert name here]. I hired them to [insert service provided here], and I did not receive the professional service I was expecting. [describe problems here] This has had a continuing negative effect on me because [insert reasons here]. I would reasonably expect that you [insert action here] to resolve the problem. I look forward to your response and will seek action with a consumer protection agency or legal professional if I don’t hear back from you in [insert time here].

[insert name here]

Sample Service Complaint Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to formally complain about your employee, Mr. Brown. I hired them to fix my washing machine a few weeks ago, on the 10th of August, and I received very poor service. Mr. Brown did not show up on time, and once he did finally arrive, he took a very long time to fix the machine and made a huge mess in my house. He was also very unprofessional in his personal appearance and conduct. Once he left, I realized that my washing machine was still not draining properly. This has been very frustrating for me and my family, because not only can we still not wash our clothes, but I had to take time out of my day to attend to him while he was here, and I had to clean up the mess he made. In my opinion, you should offer a refund for this service and reconsider your employment with Mr. Brown. I am eagerly waiting for your reply and will wait one month before taking further action.

Brad Jones