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Claiming for faulty goods – Complaints Letter

Dear Mr. Dick,
On 23 December I bought a Super-Duper Iron, Model No. _________ from your shop. Two days later I used it for the first time to press my daughters dress. Though I used the lowest setting it left a large scorch mark.

When I returned the iron 28 December I spoke to your Mr. Philpott. He tested it, decided that the temperature control was faulty and offered me a replacement. I felt that, in the circumstances, I must
claim recompense for the ruined dress, which had only been worn once. Mr. Philpott told me that I should approad you about this on your return from holiday.

The dress cost Rs. 1,650/- when I bought it eight weeks ago and I consider that Rs. 1,500/- would be a reasonable amount of compensation.

Yours Sincerely,
K.L. Whoopher (Mrs.)

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