Freight Forwarding Letters Sample or Format

Inquiring Freight Rates

Nipier Road,
18th May, 20….

India Shipping Co. Ltd.
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 1.

Dear Sir,

It would be very kind of you to let us know the present freight rate for cased plastic goods, for shipment from Mumbai to Malbourne.

At the same time please inform us of the frequency of your sailings and the approximate time of the voyage.

Yours Faithfully
For S.G. Industries Ltd.

Reply to above

Dear Sir,
In reply to your letter of 18th May, our present rate of freight for cased plastic goods for shipment from Mumbai to Malbourne Rs. 200 per 20 cwt. or 30 cubic feet, subject to the availability of space
and at option of the vessel.

We maintain sailings at intervals of approximately 10 days, and as Malbourne is the first port of discharge the length of the voyage is about 5 days. We enclose our sailing time-table for the current month, and also our shipping instructions form, which you are requested to fill-in and return us duly signed at your earliest.

Yours Faithfully
For India Shipping Co. Ltd.

Letter to forwarding agency.

Chawri Bazaar
24th April, 20….
Simon & Co.,
21E, Bankim Street,
Kolkata – 3

Dear Sir,

We have been informed by Atul & Co., of Kolkata that you are their forwarding agent at Kolkata.
As we are faced with the necessity of shipping, from Kolkata to Singapore, the goods detailed below, which are actually in transit at the port. As we have been told that the shipping documents for this transaction should prepared by your favour, we therefore, request you to let us know how best you can help us to get these documents ready for shipment, and what help we can provide you in order to fulfil the same.

Further, please note that our agent in Singapore are Davis & Selbury Inc., and that the Grindlays Bank Ltd., is entrusted with the Documents.

We thank you in anticipation and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully
All India Trading Co.,

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