Letter to the Health Officer concerning some nuisance in your neighbourhood

Write a letter to the Chairman of your Municipality complaining of the insanitary condition of the locality in which you live and asking him to take necessary steps in the matters.


Write a letter to the Health Officer concerning some nuisance in your neighbourhood.


Write a complaint to the Meerut Municipal Corporation against dangerous condition of Street Insanitation and dead street lamp.

The Chairman/Major
Meerut Municipal Corporation
Meerut City.

Subject : Complaint against dangerous conditions of street, insanitation and dead street lamps.

With due regards I beg to bring a few following lines under your kind consideration and favourable action. That we live in Mohulla Ishwarpuri. The brick-made streets are full of pits, gaps and in some places, uneven bricks with raised edges stumbling the passers by.

The drains have not been cleaned for a petty long time. As such, these are over muddy. The dirty ill-odoured water sweeping the excreta and refuse overflows the street sides. When a vehicle passes nearby, the muddy, dirty and ill during water is splashed over the passers by clothes and causes the victims to weep.

The heaps of garbage and refuse are visible here and there. These are the breeding centres of flies and mosquitoes. Besides, the lamp pasts either without bulbs or with fused ones in our lanes, add to the dense darkness of the night. In view of the above, you are humbly requested to take immediate and effective step to amelforate the hell-like condition of our colony.

We shall feel highly obliged to you.

Yours Faithfully
Ishwarpuri .
Meerut City
Dated 9/12/XX

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