Write a complaint letter to the S.S.P. about Anti-Social Elements

Write a complaint letter to the S.S.P. about the assembling of Anti-Social Elements near a betel shop.

The Senior Superintendent of Police,

Subject : Complaint against the assembling of Anti-social elements near a betel shop.

With due regards I beg to bring a few following lines to your kind notice and for favourable consideration and action.

That in our locality there is a Red Lips Betel Shop. It remains the centre and shelter spot of anti-social elements. Spoiled young ones collect there and pass filthy remarks at the passers by.

There is a Girls college in our colony. The girl students have to pass through the same street. The anti-social elements pass filthy and unbearable remarks at them. Some of the girls have been elbowed.

The scene becomes more horrible at night when lonely passers by are robbed off their brief cases, wrist watch, purses and what not.

You are, therefore, humbly requested to take strong and effective remedial steps to save us from such hell-like atmosphere.

We shall be thankful to you.

Yours Faithfully

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