Letter to a Company for Cancellation of Purchase Order for Late Delivery

Letter for Cancellation of Purchase Order Due to Delay Format & Sample

Write a letter to a Computer Manufacturing Company, cancelling an order on the ground that the delivery date has not been kept.

Khaoli, Bareilly,
28th May, 200X

M/s. Kashish Computer and Manufacturing Solutions
Bara Bazar,

Sub : Cancellation of Order.

Dear Sir,

On 8th May, 2OXX I ordered your firm to supply 12 Computers and t heir accessories. It was agreed by you to deliver the goods upto 20th May, XX. But I am sorry to inform that the same have not been supplied to me so far. The due date has already elapsed. It has caused a great loss to my goodwill and credibility in the market. So I am compelled to purchase the required goods from other dealers. Under these circumstances, my order may please be treated as cancelled.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully
Pankaj Nain

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