Recurring Repairs – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Recurring Repairs

Dear Sir,
I have been the occupant of your house at No. 338, Golden Gali, Silver town, for the last three years. But I regret to say that the house has never been whitewashed. Kindly get it whitewashed and also get small repairs effected otherwise allow me to get the same done small myself and deduct the amount from rent for the next month.

Yours Faithfully
Kamal Sharma

Reply to above

Dear Sir,
With reference to your yesterday’s letter, you may get the building whitewashed and have small repairs effected. Please make sure that the cost of repairs remains within reasonable limits and the money
spent by you can be adjusted against one month’s rent only.

I hardly need to add that the cost involved in excess of this estimate will not be payable by me.

Yours Faithfully
Vishu Sharma

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