Strong letter for repairs – Financial Correspondence Letter Writing Samples/Format

Strong letter for repairs

Dear Sir,
I am pained to write that while you are very punctual in getting your rent, you are quite forgetful of taking it as your duty to ensure convenience to your tenants. I have warned you many a time that the taps are leaking and the roof needs repairs as dust falls from it, but you have never chosen to take any complaint seriously.

If you are not in a position to take any step to make the building habitable, then please allow me to get it required out of the rent payable to you. May I add that failing to receive any satisfactory reply from you I will stop paying you rent until the matter is decided by Court.

Don’t think I bear any ill-will against you. The repairs are essential for the maintenance of your property as well as saving us from undue sufferance.

Yours Faithfully
Tara Singh

Reply to above

Dear Sir,
I acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated June 20. In reply, please allow me to say that your threat of legal and extra-legal action is not going to unserve me. I am as much concerned about the safety
of my property as you are. All that is possible will be done before the next rains.

Please pay rent for the last two months which you are unnecessarily withholding otherwise I shall be forced to take legal action for the recovery of the same.

Yours Faithfully
Ram Lal

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