Sample letter of introducing a new product

Introducing of Dancing Toys

Surya Toys Industries
Dated, the………..

Dear Customer,
Plastic has revolutionized the world of industry. Plastic goods have entered each and every home in the world. And now plastic dolls ind toys are ready to dance and sing in the open. A mystery music keeps you enthralled and that you won’t easily discover the source of the tunes which shall seem emerging out of the mouths of the (foils that shall gesticulate and whirl and dance and sing whenever you just switch them on. It is all a mystery of electricity. That power keeps them in motion, whereas small instruments within sing and motivate the dolls to dance.

Millions shall busy such rare specimens of art. Price only Rs. 580/- for a set of two dolls and two more toys that accompany the pair to dance.

Send your order today. Use the enclosed blank order to tell us your needs. Well do the rest.

Yours Sincerely,

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