Write to the booksellers returning the defective copy Letter Sample/Format

You have paid cash on delivery for a book you ordered. A month later you discover that 14 pages are missing. Write to the booksellers returning the defective copy.

Green Gates,
Wharton Road,
4th July, 200X

S.P Clitheroe,
142, Charing Cross Road,
London, WC. 2

Dear Sir,
On the 31st May last I ordered from you a copy of Investment in Theory and Practice, by T.C. Dabbs, which was delivered to me and paid for on delivery on the 4th June.

The book was apparently in good condition, but when I came to study it this week I discovered that pages 99-112 inclusive were missing. It is obvious that these pages were accidentally omitted when the copy was bound.

I am retuning the book to you under separate cover, and would ask you to send me a complete copy in exchange.

Yours Faithfully
RK. Forster

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