How to write a letter to the District Collector – Sample/Format

A letter to the District Collector for sanction of funds for repair of city road.

Place: …………………
Date: ………………….

Chief Engineer
Public Works Department
Aiwar, Rajasthan

District Collector
Cantt Road, Al war

Subject: Sanction of funds for repair of road.

This is to bring to your notice that owing to the inauguration function of the cricket stadium and the visits of the VVIPs to our town, the roads need to be repaired. The entire roads are full of potholes which cause a lot of inconvenience to vehicles often resulting in the breakdown of light and heavy vehicles on the road. Moreover, our road tax check posts are losing money because most of the trucks are taking alternative routes though they are lengthier. Our treasury is losing revenue due to this.

Hence I would request you to sanction the appropriate funds so that the infrastructure may be repaired well before the inauguration day and the treasury may not lose its revenue.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Name: ————

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