Reply to your brother who advised you to give up bad company

How to write a reply to your brother who advised you to give up bad company.

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Dear Bro,

Thank you for your letter which has served as an eye-opener for me. Looking back, I now realise my follies. I had slightly deviated from my real path, and mixed with bad company. Instead of concentrating on my studies, I had devoted more time to merry-making. My neglect has reflected itself in my results also. Though I managed to get a pass percentage in other subjects. I failed horribly in English, I am sorry that I disappointed you with my result and my way of life.

I promise to you that I will not repeat this mistake again. In future I shall assuredly concentrate solely on my studies and try to show good results. Fun and frolic would only be a secondary thing in my life. The other day our teacher was also telling us of the importance of education in our life and his teachings helped to reinforce your advice. So I have decided to open a new chapter in my life. I assure you that I shall not do anything to tarnish the fair name of our family. I shall always try to upkeep its reputation. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.

If you want to give me a gift on my birthday, I should like to have good pen.

I hope you are all right there.

Please reply soon.
Your loving brother,

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