How to write a letter to a friend in city telling him about Village Life

A letter to a friend in city telling him about Village Life.


Dear Ashish,

I was very happy to hear your thought after such a long time that you are curious to know about village life. Life in the village is very cool and calm. There is no hostle and jostle as in the cities. Air is pure without any pollution, there is plenty of water and no sound pollution. Unlike the cities, the village is full of greenery, farmland is full of crops and farmers are busy in their fields, trying to produce more and more crops to be able to feed more and more people. There is no scarcity of pure milk and fresh vegetables. People are friendly and very much concerned with each other.

The only thing that we lack here is that there are no good schools. We hope someday the government will come up with programmes of schools, safe and pure drinking water and electricity for at least 20 hours a day. This will bring more opportunities in the village and hence the migration of the workers to the cities will decrease.

How are uncle and aunty? Please convey them my regards and love to Tushar and Vidhi.

Your friend

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