How to Write a Letter to your friend Congratulating him

Letter to your friend, congratulating him or her on his or her brilliant success in the examination.


Dear friend,

It is really a good news to find your roll-number in the newspaper. The result of Senior School Certificate Examination, Delhi Board, is out and you have been declared a successful candidate in it. You have secured first division! It was really a joy, not only for me, but also for all of my family members. I immediately sent my younger brother for fething sweets. He brought the same within no time and we all relished sweets for celebrating your success.

You have always been a studious student. I can remember that you used to get up early and busy yourself in studies. Your teachers were also having good opinion about you. You devoted most of your time in learning while other students wasted it in idle pursuits. You got the reward of your hard labour. Now, you have a bright future awaiting you. You can easily compete in any career of your choice. I congratulate you on your brilliant success in the examination. May God bless you with a long and prosperous life!

Your well-wisher,

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