How to write thanks letter for the present on your birthday

Letter of thanks for the present on your birthday, sent by your uncle living in a foreign country.


Dear Uncle,

I am very glad to receive a wrist-watch presented by you on my birthday. I have tried it’s working. Really it gives accurate time. I always felt its need during my studies and examination.

I also received some other gifts from my friends. My class fellow, Ajit gave me a Chinese game. Anish, my neighbour, brought a pocket transistor. But your present was most beautiful. Everyone liked and praised it. Its dial and numbers shine at night. I can see the time even in the dark. I think, radium has been used in it. Its shape is also beautiful. It shall definitely make me punctual. I will learn to utilize my time in the best possible way.

It will ever remind me of your love and affection. I missed you very much.
With regards to auntie and love to Usha and Rakesh.

Yours affectionately,

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