Write a letter to your friend showing sympathy

How to write a letter to your friend showing sympathy on his failure in the examination.


My dear friend,

I was very much upset to learn about your failure in the examination. It is really a bad luck on your part. You must be in a sorrowful mood now-a-days. It is painful to remember about the failure now and then, when you are alone there. I am coming to you to give company and divert your mind from this sadness.

Life has many ups and downs. It is a mixture of joys and sorrows. We must face such things with patience. Don’t get discouraged. Prepare yourself for the second attempt with determination. If you devote more time and put enough labour to your studies, you can even secure first division.

Forget the past and take care of the future. Prepare a programme for your regular studies. Follow it finally and get the reward of success. Don’t lose your heart.

Sincerely yours,

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