Write a letter to the SDO informing him about the state of street lights

how to write a letter to the SDO, New Delhi Power Ltd., informing him about the sad state of affairs of street lights in your area.


The Sub Divisional Officer
New Delhi Power Ltd.
Adhchini Office I
Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi – 16

Subject: Poor street lighting system at South Ext Part I


I am writing to express my dissatisfaction over the poor street lighting systems of our area. Almost all the tube lights of A and B block are out of order. The corner portion of C and D block are deserted and the population at that end is sparse.
Furthermore, due to darkness in this area anti-social elements take undue advantage and rob people. On the top of all these, voltage in the houses does not exceed 160 volts. As the consequence voltage stabilizers have to be installed in eh of the houses which also increases the power consumption and hence our expenditure goes in vein on electric bills. Three reminders have already been so far to the Junior Engineer of the area but no attention has been paid sent on this issue.

A better and prompt-service is expected from a company of such a repute. I would look forward for a speedy work to be done in this regard.
Thanking you!
Yours faithfully,

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