How to Write a letter to the editor giving your views

Write a letter to the editor, giving your views about the rising number of terrorist activities in the country


The Editor-in-Chief,
The Herald,
Rajaji Marg,
Lucknow- 17

Sub: Rising Number of Terrorist Activities

I would like to express my views on the rising number of terrorist activities in India. I hope these would find space in the columns of your esteemed daily (in section Readers’ Thoughts, appearing every Sunday).

The incidents of Kaluchak, Doda, Srinagar and other areas of Jammu and Kashmir have put the Indian police and security forces on the state of maximum alert. Pakistan is perpetuating the reign of terrorism. She is also resorting to heavy shelling along the LoC in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. Under the cover of this shelling, the Pakistani army and the ¡SI send terrorists into the Indian territory. These terrorists use the locally based agents as platforms. They indulge in the acts of bomb blasts, killing of innocent people and attacks on important buildings. The assassination of Mr. Abdul Gani Lone (of APHC) and the bomb blast outside the J&K assembly are the grim reminders of a bloody war that has been continuing for the past twenty years. Innocent Kashmiris and security forces are the hapless victim s of these terrorist attacks.

A war against Pakistan would not put out the fire of terrorism. We must repond to this guerilla war with a guerilla war. Our must rise to the occasion and meet this challenge with courage. We are with the people of Jammu and Kashmir during this critical phase of time. We shall also give all types of moral and financial support to innocent Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Your well wisher,

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