Letter complaining of Delays in the Transit of Goods by Rail Sample/Format

Star Works,
21st November, 200X

British Rail,
Goods Department,

Dear Sir,

We regret having complain of delays in the transit of goods dispatched by us during the last few months.

On the 8th October, we dispatched one cylinder of canvas tubes to Thomson, Hughes and Co., Southampton. This cylinder was returned by you as an empty on the 18th November, but, on being opened, it was found to contain the tubes as originally packed. The cylinder has been again sent off by us today, and, as our customers are in urgent need of it, we trust you will ensure its prompt delivery.

The foregoing is not our only cause for dissatisfaction, for we have received many complaints from our customers about the length of time taken to deliver our goods. As we always dispatch goods within two or three days of the receipts of an order, you will realize that, although we are doing all in our power to meet our customer’s needs, we are running the risk of losing business solely through delays in transit. We must therefore, impress on you the necessity of giving better attention to our dispatches, so that the goods may go forward without undue delay.

Unless we have an immediately improved service, we shall be reluctantly compelled to communicate with the District Superintendent.

Yours Faithfully
S. Johnson
Traffic Manager

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